At the Sleep and Wellness Centre we offer classes for all levels of experience.

Our professional yoga teachers focus on relaxation and breathwork in all of our classes with easy to follow postures. You are guaranteed to leave the studio feeling relaxed and centered.

*All our classes are sixty minutes in duration

*$16 per class $75 for 5 classes FREE YOGA CLASSES THIS JULY

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An energizing and uplifting class which focuses on easy to follow postures and breathing exercises which help to balance the body and mind.

The perfect way to end your day. In this slower paced class there is an emphasis on calming the body and mind with soothing postures and relaxation techniques.

Find balance in your body with this dynamic flow class where an awareness to posture and body alignment  helps bring a sense of wellness to the whole body.

This deeply relaxing class combines a slow Hatha flow with restorative  floor-based  postures and a meditation/ yoga nidra. After a busy day this is a wonderful way to ease yourself into a good nights’ sleep.

Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice and is also known as yogic sleep or sleep with awareness it is intended to induce a sense of complete body relaxation .A 45 minute yoga nidra class is thought to be equivalent to 3 hours sleep!

Learn how to quieten your mind and focus your attention within. Simple breathing exercises are linked with gentle stretches to help ease anxiety, depression and insomnia.

At the Sleep and Wellness Centre we offer a variety of sleep and wellness workshops throughout the year, from meditation, yoga to breathing workshops. These workshops are a fantastic way to learn about specific modalities on a deeper level.

Robyn Stables

Robyn is a passionate yoga advocate. Over the years she has come to understand the impact of stress on the mind, emotions and the physical body, and has learnt the power of self-awareness and self-care. Robyn has an Ashram Yoga Level 1 RYT 200hr Teacher Training certificate and has completed a 7 week mindfulness course; “Power of Awareness”. She truly wishes to share the benefits of all that she has learnt on her journey and help others learn to reduce stress and create balance in their own lives.

Marcia Leite

For Marcia, yoga is a way of living and she is passionate about sharing her knowledge of yoga through educating people in the art, science and philosophy. Marcia is a twice qualified yoga teacher. She holds a Hatha Yoga Diploma and is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher with ongoing training. You will be sure to leave Marcia’s class with a sense of grounding and gratitude for the day ahead.

Charlotte Keirle

Charlotte started doing yoga 10 years ago while living in Canada. After finding about the benefits of yoga while she was competitively snowboarding, she embarked on a 2.5 year 1400 hour diploma of yoga science based at the mangrove mountain Ashram known as the academy of yoga science. It was an incredible journey where she embodied the yogic lifestyle. The training involved asana, pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra and kirtan. She completed her studies in December 2018 and have been teaching since then. Charlotte’s goal is to help facilitate a calming, relaxing and safe space where people can leave any worries at the door and learn to be in this moment by connecting to their breath and body.